Outdoor Party Package!

Choose your own theme! (Dinosaurs, Space, Unicorns, etc.) We'll customize your package with your kiddo's favorite theme! This party includes a custom craft, a series of games (ring toss, relays, bean bag toss, etc.), freeze dances and activities to keep kiddos engaged and excited. Package includes all games and craft materials, 2 Kid Experts and a 1.5 hour itinerary. ADD ONS: Add goodie bags ($150 for 20, or $7.50 per bag a la carte) Book for an outdoor space of your choosing and invite up to 10 kiddos!
$600 1.5 hour package
Includes 10 kiddos

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"I just wanted to send off a quick note on how great Thomas, Kasie and Luke were today. The birthday was a tremendous hit with both the kids and the parents. Thank you and the team for all your work (I’m impressed with your Kwazi and Magic School Bus renditions!)." - Morris C, party date 11/18/18

Additional Notes:

4% service fee applies to final bill

Families have the option to add a percentage tip to the final invoice after the session is complete.

50% non-refundable deposit is required to book a party package.

There is an additional $20 per child fee for parties over 10 kiddos.