At-Home Showbiz Camp

A performance-based Kid Expert comes to your home with a variety of acting, dancing, singing & design-inspired games and activities. Each day, we'll explore a new element of stage and screen, ranging from music & dance activities, costume & set making, and script-creation & storytelling. These "camps" are designed for one child, siblings, or for one or two additional friends you have been social distancing with (your quaran-team!) Each day, your tiny performer will feel like a star! Package includes at-home child care and activities from 9 am to 1 pm for one child. Request your week and we'll confirm your booking based on Kid Expert availability! Offered in NYC & LA only.
$725 full week, 9-1 pm
Includes 1 kiddo. $15/hr per additional kiddo

When do you need us?

E.g., Jul 10, 2020
* date and time will be confirmed after you submit preferred schedule

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Where are the camps?

In your home (or neighborhood)! Package includes all materials, set up and clean up plus childcare!

Is it a group?
It can be! Families book for one or two kiddos or put together a group up to 5 to make it a group experience!

Summer Camp Policies:

$100 non-refundable deposit required for camp bookings.