About Us


We were inspired to found Curated Care based on a parenting need. Marlene was in search of a babysitter for her daughter Holland, and like a lot of parents in New York, she wanted someone who would not only care for her child but also introduce her to enriching activities. As an artist and teacher, Marlene wanted Holland to have meaningful experiences that didn’t require signing up for weekly classes or a lot of advanced notice. She reached out to her daughter’s teacher Erin to see if she knew of any sitters who could bring fun and educational activities to her family’s home.

As a Montessori teacher, Erin had already been approached by many parents with the same wish. But there just wasn’t an easy way for families to connect with talented professionals who could provide activity-based childcare at home.

Out of this need, we created the first-ever online platform that allows families to connect with Kid Experts based on the activities they’d like their children to experience. Curated Care not only allows parents to be confident in who they bring into their home, but it also provides artists, performers, and educators the opportunity to share their talents with children.


Marlene Veloso began her career in the performing arts, where she managed and produced performances at Lincoln Center and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. She founded Kids Research Center, a nonprofit that brings free literacy programs to children in underserved communities. Marlene is an award-winning writer and mother to two daughters, Holland and Victoria.

Erin McConaghy began her career in early childhood education at Playgarden, a premier children’s facility in New York City. After receiving her Montessori Infant/Toddler Certification, she was instrumental in founding the first Montessori program for children ages 14 to 36 months in Lower Manhattan. Erin holds a fine arts degree in theater and has one daughter, Keira.