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Ready to Inspire?

Curatedcare.com connects artists & teachers with families for activity-based babysitting, at-home classes, parties & more. Use your skills and passions and infuse it into morning babysitting requests, date nights, after school pick up, travel gigs & more. Make great money, through flexible work, doing what you love.

Who are Kid Experts?

  • Kid Experts have experience teaching in a classroom, camp, or group setting (or one-on-one for tutoring and private lessons)
  • Kid Experts have childcare/babysitting experience
  • Kid Experts have cool skills and talents they can always infuse into at-home babysitting sessions
  • Kid Experts always bring materials and supplies into sessions (books, crafts, musical playlists, instruments, etc.)

Why Curated Care is Awesome:

  • Find flexible work, taking recurring bookings to one-off gigs, and everything in between.
  • Set your own rate and increase it as your popularity, skills and offerings grow!
  • Professionalize your work through a one-stop shop platform.
  • Connect with families that value your creative backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Enjoy the support of an awesome community, there when you need us.

What We Believe In:

As teachers and artists ourselves, we were inspired to create a marketplace that showcased a provider's individual skill set. Rather than creating a platform for "babysitters", we wanted to create a platform for a Musical Theater Expert, a Gymnastics Coach, a Chess Guru or a Spanish Speaking Skateboard Instructor. We wanted your talents, background, and experience to shine so that you could market your skills and connect with families excited about what you are truly passionate about.