About the Vetting Process

26 Apr 2016

Learn More About The Vetting Process

When we started Curated Care, we knew we wanted a community of "Kid Experts" who had professional experience working with children. We wanted them to have extraordinary skills and a passion for working with little ones. We set the bar high and we keep raising it every day!

Here are just a few things we do to maintain a top-notch community of Kid Experts:

  • We personally meet and interview Kid Experts and have them participate in a 2-hour orientation.
  • We verify their phone, email, bank and credit card information.
  • We offer free background checks at no costs to our members, which includes registries and databases at the county, state, and federal levels. (You can verify the status of each Kid Expert’s background check on their profiles.)
  • We provide Kid Experts with professional development opportunities and ongoing support.

Beyond this, we encourage Kid Experts to include the contact information for references right on their profiles. That way, you can get in touch with someone who knows your Kid Expert. Reviews from other members of the Curated Care community will also help you decide whether or not a Kid Expert is a good match for your family.

We hope you’ll try us out! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us at hello@curatedcare.com.