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Writing 'It' Out

Aspiring writer? Or just curious? We'll explore different ways to get words on a page. Some may not even include a pencil and paper.
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Perfect for a solo writer or a group and can be altered to match an individual student's needs.

Writing is a way of thinking, feeling things out and coming to an understanding. It can be carefully planned or spontaneous, as a poem or a book, it can be fact or fiction, it can be colorful and musical or informative (or both). It can be anything you want (or need) it to be. With guidance and a variety of exercises we will delve into writing exercises that happen both on and off the page. We will read poems, short stories, children's books and more. We will discuss poetic techniques such as alliteration and metaphor. We can write while walking, talk through it and explore movement. Most importantly we will spend time quietly observing and meditating. At the end of it all words will get on the page. Students are encouraged to explore whatever form is right for them and share however much or little as they want. The point being to write whatever 'it' is out.


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Pens and pencils
Children's books and poems


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

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Sample Activities and Instructions

Writing while moving: There is much to be said for finding creativity while moving. We will explore different ways of connecting out written work with our body.
Finding inspiration: We'll look at poems, short stories and other kinds of literature. All age appropriate, of course. We will find inspiration and sources in the work of others.
Quietly observing: Our main source of inspiration. How can we come back in touch with the world around us and capture what we experience? By paying attention and just taking notice.
Writing: Get the pen to the paper and write it out.