Urban Garden Scavenger Hunt

Let's go on a scavenger hunt! In the parks and gardens of our neighborhood and city!
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Let's do this!

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Kids have a natural urge to explore - scavenger hunts give them the opportunity to do this while being active and having fun! From a list of age appropriate, urban garden themed items, we will search, discover and get to know the parks and gardens around us. This scavenger hunt can
happen one time, or continue on for the entire spring/summer season. It is wonderful and engaging group activity as well.


-Pencil or Pen
-(For our younger friends, the scavenger hunt list can be created by the Kid Expert beforehand)


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Your child can draw on their knowledge of nature and use their imagination to help their Kid Expert create the scavenger hunt list. What lives in a garden or park that we can search for? Different types of flowers, a ladybug, vegetables, soil, rocks, etc.
Your Kid Expert will help your child get creative with their list by adding in items such as "dew on a leaf", "flowers blowing in the wind", or a "puddle of water in soil".
Time to head outside and start the scavenger hunt! Don't forget your camera, the list of items, and your pencil! Your Kid expert will have in mind ahead of time nearby parks, rooftop gardens and outdoor areas that are safe and convenient to take your child to.
As we find the items on the list, we will take photos of them and check them off our list.
Once you've completed your Urban Garden Scavenger Hunt, you can celebrate by making a photo album of the pictures for a keepsake!