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Stellar Stories

Do you ever wonder why stars burn so brightly in the night? As long as stars have been in the sky, we’ve been looking up at them and imagining their stories.
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In this activity, we’ll little ones will hear the myths of some famous constellations. Then we’ll go on a journey to discover how people actually found out about the real stories or stars through astronomy!


- scissors
- yellow post-it notes
- blue/black construction paper or cardstock
- white crayon
- paper towel roll
- coloring materials


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Cut the sticky part of your post-it notes into about 10-15 stars, then lay out your stars on the construction paper in the shape of a constellation like the little dipper, Orion, or Cassiopeia. Be sure to connect the stars with your crayon.
Once you’ve made a constellation or two, act out the mythical story of how people once thought the stars came to be in the sky.
Now, it’s time to be an astronomer and really study those stars by getting a closer look with a telescope. Take your paper towel roll and decorate it to look like a star-studying tool.
Once you’ve made your telescope, take a “closer” look at the star map you’ve made while you learn about the stars that burn in the sky for billions of years!