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Start to Finish: Recycled Beading

Complete this beautiful project from beginning to end: prep and create materials, string them carefully onto thread and completing an awesome piece of jewelry!
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Children are so proud when they create something of their very own. In this activity your child will not only create their own piece of jewelry, they will go a step further in creating materials for the jewelry as well.

Little ones will select magazines or newspaper and together we will cut or tear our pages and carefully roll them into beautiful beads. After we have created our beads children will string each bead onto yarn. By the end your child will have a beautiful necklace or bracelet they will wear with pride!

This activity promotes extended focus as the child participates in every aspect of the project, from creation of materials to a final product. To boot it imparts important lessons about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Age Group:


- Old magazines, newspapers, recycled paper
- Glue or tape
- Pipe Cleaners/Yarn
- Pencil


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Sample Activities and Instructions

We will explore old magazines and newspapers for interesting pictures, wording or patterns, selecting individual pages to tear or cut.
magazine strips
Together we will cut or tear our chosen pages into triangular shapes.
rolling beads
Using a pencil, we will cover our triangular pieces of paper with a glue stick and roll them into a bead.
wrapped bead
Once our beads have dried, we will string each bead onto our yarn, deciding on what piece of jewelry to make (necklace, bracelet, anklet) and what order to string the beads.
finished beads
Once each bead is on our yarn your child is ready to display their individual (and recycled!) creation!
beads on pipe cleaner