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Start to Finish : Playdoh

Children of all ages love playing with their hands & making something from scratch, especially play dough!
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Making play dough from a few simple natural ingredients (and by adding some fun optional additions) will delight your little one. We will have some messy fun mixing up the natural ingredients with our hands! From pretend cooking and meal making, to rolling, cutting shapes and pressing objects, possibilities are endless. We may add pasta, beads, or a bit of nature with leaves, sticks & feathers to play with and create little forests or islands, people, animals or an abstract masterpiece. We will bring out the wooden spoons, bowls, muffin tins, cookie cutters, rubber animals and dinosaurs as well to create play lands or a pretend restaurant!

Children will have fun while building strength in those little hands and working fine motor skills as well as sharing their creations!

This activity includes your child’s participation in every aspect of the project from creation to a final piece of art or an island of play dough adventure! Your child will also be able to save the extra play dough in a reusable container for another day. They will also learn that they can be creative with natural ingredients from your own kitchen!



•Mixing bowls
•Measuring cups
•Possibly cream of tartar
•Optional vegetable oil
•Optional paint or food coloring
•Optional vanilla, cinnamin or glitter
•Small toys that can be washed off easily, rubber/plastic animals, shells, dry pasta, cars, feathers, beans, sticks
•Optional muffin tin, containers, wooden spoons, cookie cutters
•Surface to work on that is washable


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Gather ingredients. Your little one will help to measure out and mix together the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl with our hands.
We will pour in liquid ingredients and any additional coloring or flavoring. Mix it all up with your hands! If the mixture is too dry add a little water little by little. If it is too wet we will add a little flour.
Set up a play area, surface or table and sprinkle flour on the surface so that our play dough does not stick. Now start to create! Roll small pieces, push pieces into muffin tins, cut flattened pieces into shapes and put a bit of nature into them! Add animals and cars for a play dough adventure! Make hearts, faces, letters and more, decorate and save for later to paint when dry!