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Spook-tacular Sounds!

Can you be a ghost, or a witch, or a bat? Voice a radio show playing copy-cat!
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Telling spooky stories can be lots of fun! Especially when we learn to use our voices to make spooky characters and kooky sound effects for an original Halloween radio play. Through a game of copy-cat, kids can use their voices to make creaky doors, rustling leaves, and whistling wind to set the scene. They can play fun characters like witches, cats, ghosts, and trick-or-treaters, and share their story with family and friends. In addition to promoting literacy and story analysis, this fun activity develops auditory and motor functions for speech, by encouraging children to engage their awareness of pitch, rhythm, dynamic, tone, and vocal placement.


Halloween storybook
Voice recording device


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Choose a favorite Halloween book for inspiration. After reading through the spooky story together, we will pick out the noises we want to make to create a soundscape and a list of characters to voice.
We will practice making the character voices and story sounds through a game of copy cat!
Once we have a strong gust of wind and a wicked witch to tell the tale of ghosts and ghouls, we will record the story as a retro-style radio play.
At the end of the session, we will share a sample of the story with our friends and family.
After the session ends, the audio will be edited together and finalized with music. The completed radio show will be sent straight to you for your enjoyment in the car, on the train, or anywhere you like to listen!