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Snow Day Science

A fun sensory introduction to science and the magic of snow!
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Winter is here! Let’s learn about the seasons and the science behind snow. We’ll read a book about snow tailored to your child’s age. And then we’ll experiment!


Tray or baking pan
Food coloring
Magnifying glass
Black paper


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

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Sample Activities and Instructions

Regardless of the weather, we can have fun playing with our hands! We’ll practice letters and shapes in salt while we stay warm!
If there’s snow outside, we’ll bring some indoors! We can color the snow with food coloring and then see how snow melts.
We’ll catch some snowflakes and learn how each is unique! A snow shower, black paper and a magnifying glass is all we need.