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Shamrock Craft

Can't find a lucky four-leafed clover? Make your own!
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This playful, simple craft can be a fun way into the history of the Emerald Isle! The tradition of lucky four-leafed clovers dates back to the early days of Ireland, where Druids, or Celtic priests, would carry them around to ward off bad spirits. The four leaves of the clover were thought to stand for Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck.


- pencil
- ruler
- paper towel roll
- scissors
- craft stick
- tape/ glue
- stapler/ green duct tape
- coloring materials


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Using your ruler and pencil, mark the paper towel roll in the center. Then find the quarter marks by measuring halfway between the center line and the outside edges.
Cut your paper towel roll into four equal pieces, using the measured markings as your guide.
Take one of the paper towel roll pieces and bend it in half until the inner top and bottom edges touch (try not to flatten the roll- you want it to keep its roundness). Then use the stapler to attach the inside edges to each other. Your roll should now have a shape that resembles a fortune cookie.
Repeat step 3 with the remaining paper towel roll pieces. These are your "leaves." Then, form your four-leafed clover by attaching the outside edges of the "leaves" to one another to make a circle.
Once your leaves are in the shamrock formation, insert your craft stick into one of the openings of the leaves and adhere with tape or glue.
The last step is to color in your lucky clover!