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Scrap Material Garden

Combine the fun of gardening with arts and crafts in this creative, urban garden themed activity.
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What types of living things grow in a garden? Carrots, zucchini, eggplants, flowers, small trees...Let's create our own garden using leftover and scrap art materials! We can choose our favorite garden plants or vegetables, and decide on the design of our garden. Your child will have fun with art while developing their fine motor skills, creative choice making; deciding on the amount and positioning of materials engages them in math and design skills; and through discussion we will learn the basics of gardening! Option to explore an outdoor or rooftop garden first for inspiration.

Age Group:


-Green construction paper
-Scrap art material


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Sample Activities and Instructions

From around the home or provided by your Kid Expert, we will find and select scrap art material to use. This can be leftover pieces of colored paper, paper bags, ribbon, tissue paper, buttons, string, stickers, etc.
Lay out the different materials on your preselected art station along with green construction paper. Don't forget to get your glue and scissors!
Talk about what living things would be inside a garden. Green plants, flowers, rocks, veggies, bushes, soil...what else? What else would you like to be in your garden? Pick out which scrap materials can be used for each garden feature. Pieces of orange ribbon can be carrot tops, tissue paper for flowers or cauliflowers, bottoms and dark pieces of paper scraps for dirt, rocks, or soil...use that imagination!
Cut and glue the materials onto the construction paper, designing and assembling your garden.
Marvel at your original and beautiful garden creation! Hang up or place somewhere special in your home for friends and family to enjoy.