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Play Dough Letters

Practice fine-motor and letter identification skills while enjoying the sensory experience of play dough play.
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Let’s play with play dough! In this fun and hands-on activity, we will have fun using our fine-motor skills to roll play dough and use it to form letters. Letter recognition skills are an important part of learning to read and practicing forming letters with play dough is a fun and interactive way to learn about letters and their formation.

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-letter cards


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Sing the ABCs with the child while holding up letter cards.
Go through the letter cards again, asking the child to identify each letter.
Give the child the playdough and allow him/her to play with it for a few minutes.
Show the child how to roll a “snake” with the playdough.
Hold up one letter card and ask the child to identify it.
Use the “snake” to form the letter that was on the card.
Repeat with each letter card.