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Pinecone Turkey

Not your Grandma's handprint turkey - here's a new take on making a Thanksgiving turkey!
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In this fun and festive activity we will use pinecones and paint to create Thanksgiving turkeys. Children can explore science through art when pouring paint onto pinecones and shaking up materials to create turkey feathers. When feathers are dry, children practice math skills while cutting, assembling, and decorating their turkeys. They'll have so much fun creating a family of turkeys to decorate the Thanksgiving table!


Colored Paints
Shoe Box/Small Cardboard Box
White Paper
Brown, Orange, and Red Colored Paper
Googly Eyes


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Cut the white paper to fit within the box. Place it inside the box as bottom lining.
Time to add the paint into the box. Add however many colors you want. Remember that this is going to make up the Turkey’s feathers, so choose the colors based on how you want them to look.
Glue all of the parts together. First glue the brown body to the edge of the circle, then the beak onto the body, and the waddle onto the beak. Our last touch is to glue the googly eyes above the beak, and our turkey is complete!