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Paper Fortune Teller Game

This classic game from your childhood will be a hit with your little one too!
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Everything about the classic Fortune Teller has organic benefits for your little one. Creating the paper fortune teller draws on fine motor skill and focus. Implementing categories like colors and numbers helps little ones review these educational fundamentals in a fun and easy way. Lastly you can tweak the game to highlight any focus you’d like for your own child. Check out following steps to explore these options!



- paper
- markers


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Sample Activities and Instructions

First we will create our Fortune Teller. Our first goal is to fold each portion of the fortune teller. This will take time and quite a bit of patience but your child will amazed with our final, folded product.
Next we will create our categories. I suggest using the standard combination of colors and numbers. These are two foundational components of education every little one needs to practice.
Lastly is choosing the “fortune”, or end category the child will land on. Here we can tweak the focus of the game to whatever works best for your family. A few great options are: Movement – The fortune can represent physical tasks the child (and Kid Expert) must do. For example: “Jump up and down 10 times!” or “Touch your toes 10 times!”. Focus and Awareness: The fortune can represent a request to find something in the room. For example: “Find something in the shape of a circle!” or “Find something that starts with a ‘T’!” Activity Inspiring: The fortune can represent a fun task to be completed, for example “Build a Tower” or “Song a Song”.