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Paper Airplane

This classic game from your childhood will be a hit with your little one too!
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Paper airplanes are easy to make and fun to use! Plus they offer enough of a challenge to build your little one’s focus and patience, draw on fine motor skills and allow room for creativity!


- A piece of paper
- Optional: markers, crayons, stickers, other decorative supplies


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Sample Activities and Instructions

First we will fold a standard 8X10 piece of paper in half vertically.
Next we will fold the top corners in towards the center.
Then we will fold the two angled edges in towards the center.
Now we will fold the entire “plane” in half. If done correctly this fold will hide all the other folds inside of the “plane”.
Last we will fold both sides down to create crisp wings.
While we are ready to fly our plane at this point, designing and decorating the airplane is fun extension to this activity. Use crayons, markers, paint, stickers, stamps, whatever you have available! Little one’s will love creating a custom plane almost as much as watching it soar in the air!