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New York City Collage

This hands-on activity will allow your child to discover geometric shapes through the process of making a New York City Collage.
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Letters, numbers, and everything in the world are made of different shapes! This activity will let your child explore plane and solid figures while recognizing basic shapes of plane. They will combine these shapes and create their own New York City skyline, enhancing pre-math skills, sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity!


Age Group:


-Books/magazines/pictures with images of New York City buildings
-Construction paper


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Show the child pictures of buildings from around New York City (e.g. Empire State Building, Flatiron Building).
Help the child cut out triangles, rectangles and squares using construction paper and child-safe scissors.
Your Kid Expert will help your child manipulate the different shapes, while turning them into the buildings previously shown. Rectangles can be used for doors, combined triangles for windows, etc.
Glue the shapes onto bigger construction paper to make the collage.
Decorate the buildings or the entire collage using crayons or markers!