Nature Book

Use beginning writing skills to create a Nature Book using materials that you have collected.
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Let’s practice beginning writing skills as we work together to create an original nature book! Recognizing the sounds in words is an important first step in beginning to learn to read and write. This fun activity will allow your child to practice many important beginning writing skills, such as: letter recognition, letter and sound relationships, and letter formation. Let’s head out into nature together to collect a variety of materials that will inspire us to write a book!


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Take the child outside and collect a variety of natural objects (leaves, acorns, berries, flowers, seeds, sticks, pine needles, etc.)
Return inside and sort the natural objects into groups by type. Discuss what each object is and its characteristics.
Glue or tape each group of objects onto a piece of cardstock.
On each label, have the child write (using invented spelling) the name of the object. This can be as simple as one letter to represent the initial sound or more a more complex “sounded out” version of the word.
Place each label on the corresponding cardstock page.
After the cardstock pages have dried they can be put together to form a Nature Book.