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Mardis Gras Masks

Make your very own Venetian inspired mask, and learn about Mardis Gras!
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Did you know that the celebration of Mardis Gras, or “Carnivale,” dates back to ancient Rome? This holiday, which welcomes the coming of spring, has a rich history that has become an important part of cultures around the world, and especially in New Orleans. We’ll learn about the meanings of the colors purple, gold, and green, as we make traditional Venetian inspired masks to celebrate and dance!


-paper plate
-hole punch
-glue & tape
-coloring materials
-feathers & gems


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Cut a paper plate in half and make holes for your eyes. Using the remaining half of the plate, cut out a triangle or funny shape to make a 3D "nose."
Use coloring materials and decorations to make your mask and nose colorful and exciting! While we color, we'll talk about the special meanings of purple, green, and gold at Mardis Gras celebrations.
Once your mask and nose are colored in, attach the nose to the mask using tape.
Add decorative details to your mask by gluing feathers, gems, or shiny pieces of wrapping paper.
The last step is to punch two holes in and tie a ribbon to your mask so you can wear it for the festivities... Happy Mardis Gras!