Little Laws

Your little one will learn what laws are, and why they are important to follow.
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Maybe the difference between a rule and a law is a bit cloudy for a child. Through this activity, we will learn and understand what makes something a law. Once we have a basic understanding, your child will come up with some laws of their own! They can be silly or serious. Your child will get a chance to act out the following and breaking of the laws we create. Theatrics will make learning about laws super fun!


Age Group:


-writing implements
-dress-up clothes
-props from around the house


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Think about and list the laws we know already exist. For example, it is against the law to steal from a store.
Talk about and write down what makes something a law. "In your house you have rules that you follow, but maybe it isn't a rule at your friend's house. A law is a rule that everyone must follow to protect other people and property."
Take a few laws from the list, and talk about why they are important.
Using what we have learned, let's write some new laws of our own! They can be serious, fun, or downright silly. "It is against the law to cover the dog in ketchup!"
Choose some laws to act out. We will play with scenarios where the child follows the law and breaks the law. Have fun!