Lilypad Leap

Practice letter/sound skills by matching words with their initial sounds.
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Recognizing the initial sounds of words is an important first step in beginning to learn to read. This fun and active game will allow your child to practice many important pre-reading skills, such as: letter recognition, letter and sound relationships, and listening for initial sounds of words. Let’s pretend to be frogs together as we leap from lilypad to lilypad to match the pictures with the letters that you hear at the beginning of each word!


Age Group:


-Paper lilypads each labeled with one of the following letters: b, p, f, and v
-picture cards for the following words: bat, bag, bed, pig, pot, pen, fish, fly, flag, van, vest, and violin


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Hold up each lilypad and have the child identify the letter on the lilypad and the sound that letter makes.
Ask the child to place the lilypads throughout the room, on the floor.
Hold up each picture card, one at a time, and have the child name the object in the picture. Ask what sound he/she hears at the beginning of that word. Then ask what letter makes that sound.
Once the child identifies the letter that corresponds to the initial letter of the word, he/she should place the picture card on the appropriate lilypad.
This activity can be extended to include more letters and pictures.