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Karate Dice!

Get active and play the odds with this game of karate skill.
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Using a homemade, giant Karate Dice and a stack of cards, we can learn and practice karate skills! Kids will gain self-confidence by engaging in this game of strength, balance, and agility. They also get to participate in the creation of the giant Karate Dice, incorporating math and art skill-building. We will roll our dice, draw from our "dojo pile" of regular playing cards, and execute our karate moves!


Kid-safe scissors
Markers and other desired coloring utensils
Box or larger recycled container to use for the dice structure
Deck of Cards


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Sample Activities and Instructions

We design and create our giant Karate Dice. Each side has the type of karate move or moves we will execute. Kids can get creative with the types of moves they want to include, how each side of the dice is decorated, how the letters and words are placed, filled in, etc.
Once finished making the dice, it is time to play! We roll the giant Karate Dice. It could land on Kick, Jumping Jacks, High-knee, Crane-kick, Punch, or Push-ups.
Choose a card from the Dojo Pile. (Face cards are as follows: Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, Ace = 1).
Execute the skill the amount of times listed on the card. Examples: You rolled Jumping Jacks, and you pick out a Jack card - perform 11 Jumping Jacks; you rolled a Kick and picked a 4 card - execute 4 Kicks in a row. Repeat as many times as desired, and hone your inner karate master skills!