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Play with light by creating your very own kaleidoscope!
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A kaleidoscope uses creates beautiful shapes by reflecting light through a tube. Using recycled materials, we will make our very own.


-paper towel roll
-colorful translucent beads (the more colors and shapes, the better!)
-clear, sturdy recycled plastic (from the side of a bottle, a fruit container, electronic device packaging, etc.)
-hot glue gun
-aluminum foil
-recycled cardboard (from a cereal box or similar sized cardboard)
-construction paper
-crayons or markers


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Using the end of the paper towel roll, trace two circles onto the clear plastic and cut them out, trimming each just enough so that they will fit inside the roll.
The Kid Expert will hot glue one of the plastic circles on the edge of the paper towel roll, and secure firmly.
Flip the roll so that your are looking down through the tube towards the bottom with the circle and drop in some beads. Don’t add too many beads (you want them to be able to move around so the kaleidoscope patterns change).
Place the second circle inside the roll on top of the beads, then have the Kid Expert hot glue to secure.
Place the ruler inside the roll, and cut out three strips of cardboard that are the height measured x 1-inch wide.
Cover each strip in aluminum foil, then tape together to form a triangular prism.
Place the prism inside the roll, taping it securely if necessary.
Decorate a piece of construction paper with fun designs, and then wrap the roll with your beautiful drawing.
Look through! Be sure to hold the end of the kaleidoscope towards a light source so that the image of the beads can be reflected. Turn the kaleidoscope to change the shapes you see, and have fun with your new science craft.