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Hear ye, Hear ye...

The Ruler of the land makes up the laws. Cotton candy for dinner? Shout it out to the kingdom!
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If you were the Great and Magnificent Ruler of the Land, what are some rules that sound like fun? This Activity promotes literacy and public speaking through creative engagement. First, we will make a list of "laws" for our royal subjects to live by. Then, like any Great and Magnificent Ruler of the Land, we will put on our crown and use our "booming" voices to announce our decrees for all to hear. Once we have heralded the exciting new laws, we will create the imaginary world for an exciting day of make-believe.


-construction paper
-markers, crayons, and colored pencils
-ribbon or string
-craft gems


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Crown Yourself! Using construction paper, we will cut out and decorate a crown fit for the Great and Magnificent Ruler of the Land.
Make the Rules: Once you have been crowned, create a list of fun rules for living in the kingdom. Your subjects could wear hats on their elbows, eat popcorn for breakfast, or speak only with puppet hands. Use your imagination to make your kingdom the most exciting place to live in the whole world! Write out each new "law" on your special scroll. Once it's complete, roll it up and seal it with a special rope or ribbon.
Shout it Out: Climb to the top of the highest tower in the kingdom. Unravel the scroll with your royal decrees, and in your most booming voice, announce the news for all to hear. (Be sure to start with, "Hear ye, hear ye!")
A Day in Your Kingdom: After the royal decrees have been heralded, spend time in your imaginary kingdom remembering to follow the fun rules you dreamed up.