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Feely Bag

Use tactile skills to guess the objects hidden in the bag.
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Children use all of their five senses to learn about the world around them. In this fun and hands-on activity, your child will practice using the sense of touch to gather information about the world. We will have fun guessing what objects are based only upon how they feel. We’ll talk about textures and extend our vocabularies as we describe how things feel in this fun game!



-2 drawstring bags of different colors
-variety of small objects (for example: toy car, stuffed bear, popsicle stick, spoon, rock, seashell, pinecone)


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Show the child the objects. Allow him/her to play with them for a few minutes. Discuss what they are and their attributes.
Ask the child to place all of the objects into one of the bags.
Show the child the second bag. Tell him/her that you are going to play a guessing game in which you will place one of the objects into the bag and he/she will guess which object it is by feeling it while it is inside of the bag.
Under the table, take one object from the first bag and place it into the second bag. Allow the child to place his/her hand into the bag and feel the object.
Ask the child to guess which object is in the bag.