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Emotion Balloons

Teaching your child how to convey and distignuish how they really feel through Emotion Balloons.
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Learning how to distinguish our emotions is no easy task, especially as a young child. In our early stages of life, sometimes we are unable to give a name to how we really feel. Through this activity we will try to give names to all of the emotions that your child may feel on a daily basis. Beginning by making putty stuffed balloons, we will then breakdown different scenarios and draw how our facial expressions might respond onto the balloons. Once we have the balloons made, we will then throw them into one of two bins. One bin is for positive/constructive emotions, and the other is negative/deconstructive emotions. This activity not only allows for children to learn how to express themselves, it also plays on advancing their motor skills. Learning how to deal with the ups and downs of life can be fun. Especially when we make it into a game!




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Sample Activities and Instructions

First, we need to roll out the putty into a straight line.
Then open the balloon as wide a possible and start pushing the putty inside it. Once it's all inside, flatten the balloon to get out as much air as possible. Tie it off with a knot.
Now grab the marker and begin to draw different faces based on your day. Example: How did you feel eating breakfast this morning? How do you feel when you brush your teeth? How does it feel to stub your toe? These scenarios will generate countless facial expressions that can be drawn onto the sacs.
Next we will have a conversation about how these emotions play into your everyday life. We will throw our productive feelings into one bin and our negative feelings into the other. Let's hope you have good aim!