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Do It Yourself: Lip Balm

Children will learn all of the steps and materials needed to make their own lip balm for themselves and others!
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In this activity children will learn how to make lip balm as a gift to themselves or a family member. Do you have a princess obsessed child? Do they like to play in mom's make up? Give them a different perspective on the princess narrative by engaging in this activity! We will read children’s princess books that star woman-positive princesses and be able to make our princess-like pampering products with all natural ingredients. We will learn what goes into “mommy’s lipstick” and be able to make it ourselves (color is optional)!

Age Group:


Very small amounts of each:

• Beeswax
• Coconut oil
• Koolaid (optional)
• Shea Butter
• Container
• Peppermint essential oil


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

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Sample Activities and Instructions

Read a princess book (The Secret Lives of Princesses by Lechermeier, The Princesses Have a Ball by Teresa Bateman, or Don’t Kiss the Frog! By Fiona Waters)
Smell, feel, and measure the beeswax. “Where does beeswax come from?” We will learn how the bees use beeswax and how we can use it too!
Smell, feel, and measure the coconut oil. “Where does coconut oil come from?” We will talk about all of the coconut flavored things the we eat!
Optional: add color and scent! (Kool-Aid and peppermint oil)
Give all the materials to your Kid Expert so that they can melt them together on the stove.
Watch and smell as your Kid Expert pours the balm into the container. “See how different it looks!”
High five and read another book as we let our new lip balm cool!