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Create Your Own Match Game

Design your own Match cards and play!
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This activity covers a range of skills. Your child will be using creativity, logic, fine motor skills and cultivating an attention to detail. They can draw basic shapes, every day items or images of their own creation. We can even make a theme Match Game, choosing a concept that interests them.


Age Group:


Construction paper
Markers, colored pencils or crayons


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Cut construction paper into game cards (Pre-prepared, depending on age)
Pair the game cards up. Draw and copy designs onto cards
Mix up the cards and set them up in a shape of your choice. Review the rules and play!