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Cookie Math

Read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" together, and use our math skills to count the chocolate chips in the cookies for our new friend!
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Together we will read one of my favorite books, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Then, we will discuss how important it is to share, especially when it comes to cookies!

For my older friends, we will bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch. They will learn how to measure out ingredients, how to combine them, the difference between a dozen and a Baker's dozen, and even kitchen safety.

For my younger friends, we will play the chocolate chip game. This game involves placing the correct number of chocolate chips on the numbered cookie base. We can also use our letters and match upper case chips to their corresponding lower case cookie base.

Beside our reading skills, both modifications involve working on our math skills. Whether it is counting chocolate chips or measuring cups of flour - Cookie Math will test and improve our knowledge.

Age Group:


"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Book

Cookie Number/Letter Game Materials (Ages 3-4):
Brown Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
Silver Marker
Metal Baking Sheet
Chocolate Chips Cookies

Baking Cookies Materials (Ages 5-6):
All-purpose flour
Baking Soda
Granulated Sugar
Brown Sugar
Vanilla Extract
Chocolate Chips
Baking sheet
Oven Mits
Measuring Cups
Mixing Bowl


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Sample Activities and Instructions

First let's read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" together. I would love to hear you read to me, but if you need some help along the way I am here for you!
For my younger friends, we will now play the Cookie Game! To begin we will outline 20 big circles on brown construction paper, and 60 small circles on black construction paper. The, we will cut them out making piles of each color.
Now we will write the numbers 1-6 and upper case letters A-Z (using both sides) on the brown cookie bases. We will letter the small black chocolate chips with lower case letters a-z.
Here's the fun part! Choose any six cookie bases and lay them on the baking sheet. Using our counting skills and letter recognition we will match the correct black chocolate chips to the brown cookie bases. Once we finish matching the first six, we will keep switching up the bases, matching our chips, and enjoying some chocolate chip cookies ourselves!
For older kids, we will be working in the kitchen. Using a recipe, we will make our very own chocolate chip cookies from scratch -measuring and mixing the ingredients together until we can enjoy cookies with milk, just like our new Mouse friend!