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Celebration Shakers

Celebrate the New Year with decorative party shakers!
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During this party prep Activity, we will make different shakers using household items like cups, paper plates, and fun fillers. Kids will practice counting as they fill each party shaker with a specific number of beads, beans, or rice. Once we’ve finished decorating, we’ll try out our snazzy shakers to see how different materials create different types of sound. And last but not least, we’ll practice counting down from 10 to 1 for the happiest of New Year’s celebrations! This special holiday Activity is a fun way for little ones to practice counting and writing letters and numbers.


-paper or plastic cups, paper plates,
tissue boxes, and or paper towel rolls
-rice, beans, beads
-aluminum foil
-tape & glue
-construction paper
-coloring materials


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Separate and Count: Decide how many shakers you would like to make and count out 10-20 beans, beads, or grains of rice for each one. Fill your cups, folded paper plates, tissue boxes or paper towel rolls and then seal shut.
Decorate: Using shiny tin foil, glitter, ribbon, construction paper, and coloring materials, make your shakers shine! We will practice our numbers by writing out the year on each one.
Shake, shake, shake: It's time to test out our creations! We will try out our New Year's Eve shakers and learn how different materials can create different sounds.
Three, Two, One: With our new party shakers, we will practice our countdown from 10 to 1 for ringing in the New Year!