Brain Games: Let's Learn Letters!

These activities provide a fun and engaging way to introduce and practice letter concepts and phonetic acquisition with your little one!
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The classic game of memory is a wonderful platform to engage multiple skills within your child. More over, they'll love the challenge! Here we will use our memory game as the vehicle to introduce, practice and review several different concepts related to letters ranging from simple letter identification all the way to words and rhymes. By engaging your child in a fun and challenging game they are more receptive to learning these fundamental language concepts. Beyond this, things that seem mundane to an adult (like letter identification) are thrilling to a child who is discovering and mastering these ideas for the very first time!


Age Group:


- index cards
- marker
- alphabet picture cards representing each letter of the alphabet (i.e. An apple for the letter "A")
- picture cards featuring rhyming words (pairs)


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Letter Memory Game - We will begin each of these activities by singing our ABCs. Next I will use a marker to write the letter "A" on an index card. I will then ask your child to do the same. We now have two matching "A" cards. We will do the same with "B", "C" and so forth until we complete the entire alphabet. Once we have all our cards will we turn each of them upside down and take turns turning over two cards at a time in order to find a match. When your child finds a match they keep the cards. We will play until they have acquired all 52 cards. By using a game format, drawing on multiple skills (memory and letter recognition) as well as providing a big, fun "game board" that encourages movement, your child will love this particular challenge!
Writing Letters
Upper and Lowercase Letter Memory Game - Our next game will be very similar to our first game of memory, though it challenges your child with one more skill: differentiating and connecting uppercase and lowercase letters. I will use display the letter "A" index card. I will then ask your child to write a lowercase "a" on their card, helping as needed. Once we have completed all 52 cards will will spread our cards out, turn them upside down and begin our Memory game, looking for uppercase and lowercase matches.
Upper and Lowercase
Letter and Sound Memory Game - Next we will explore the sounds each letter represents. Combining our index alphabet cards (Upper or Lowercase depending on our focus for the day) with our alphabet picture cards, we play the same game of memory as before. Our focus here is matching the letter with the image our letter coincides with to further explore the sound each letter creates.
Letters and sounds
Rhyme Time - Our last game of memory will focus on the concept of rhyming. Using our rhyming picture cards we will review each card sounding out the word and making note of the rhyme. Once we have reviewed each card we will play one last game of memory seeking our rhyming pairs. Your child has now pieced each of our letter-related concepts together beginning with letter identification, moving to upper and lowercase letter connection, then sounds of letters and finally words and rhymes.