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Baking Through the Holidays

A multi-session introduction to baking to fill the home with holiday cheer!
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There’s no doubt about it - the winter holiday season is exhausting. Let a Kid Expert give you a break and bring some holiday baking basics to your little one! We’ll bring the ingredients, the clean up and, of course, all the fun! From cookie decorating to gingerbread houses to latkes, we’ll cook up some warm holiday memories and some delicious treats for you to return to!


Age Group:


Cookie decorating:
Ready-to-bake dough
Cookie cutters
Sprinkles and fun candies

Gingerbread houses:
Graham crackers
Candies for decoration
Paper plates for easy clean up

Shredded sweet potatoes
Flour, Salt, Pumpkin Pie Spice and Brown Sugar
Vegetable Oil


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Cookie decorating: There’s no easier way to get creative in the kitchen! While our cookies are baking, we’ll read a winter storybook and play. Then we’ll get started on making some decadent sugar cookies! It’s sure to delight any hungry kid - and hungry adults. We got you, parents.
Gingerbread houses: We’ll learn the fairy tale of Hanzel and Gretyl and then get to work on our very own gingerbread houses! Bring your imagination and your sweet tooth -- there’s no better way to check the structural integrity of a gingerbread house than through a taste test.
Latkes: This traditional Hannukah treat is sure to delight the taste buds and is an excellent introduction to cooking and safety in the kitchen. We’ll read a storybook about Hannukah while we we enjoy our hard work!