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Autumn Leaves

Ready for Autumn colors? Bring some beauty to your window and home with this arts & crafts combination project!
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In this activity, your child will create their very own autumn leaf decorations, using watercolor paint and coffee filters. They will build self-esteem through celebrating their creations and contributing to their home's decor. They will also experience science and math in action as they watch colors mix, materials attach and adhere, and measure out size, length and shape of the project's parts. With this fun and artistic activity, let's celebrate the fall season!


Age Group:


Coffee filters
Brown markers
Watercolor paints
Scotch tape


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Over a newspaper covered area, we will flatten out our coffee filters, and then cover them with fall-themed watercolor paints. Children will experience the science of colors mixing, blending and spreading over the coffee filter! As each filter is finished, we will set it aside to dry .
Once dry, we will draw out large, medium, and small leaf shapes on the filters. Your Kid-Expert will carefully guide children as they cut out the leaves one by one.
Finally, each child will be able to take their leaf creations to a window and hang them up with scotch tape. They can step back and feel proud as they see the sun shine through the beautiful watercolors. The leaves can easily be removed from the window by your Kid Expert, and attached to string, so that each child can take their creation home and/or hang elsewhere. Everyone will have beautiful works of art to share and be enjoyed by friends and family!