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Artsy Fishbowl

Let's play underwater interior designer, and create a fun home for our pretend fish!
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In this simple but engaging activity, your little one will create a homemade fishbowl, complete with fish, using arts and craft supplies. What kind of home would a fish like to be in? What color rocks, sand and types of seaweed would they want to see? While having fun designing and decorating our fish bowl, we'll get to to think outside the box, make independent choices, build fine motor skills, gain confidence in our art, and talk about the environment fish need to survive.



-Construction Paper
-Markers/crayons/colored pencils
-Googly eyes (option to draw on eyes or use other scrap material for eyes)
-Scrap materials such as tissue paper, bottoms, beans, etc.


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Sample Activities and Instructions

Gather up scrap materials that can be used to decorate the interior of our fishbowl. Brown-shaded buttons for sand and rocks, green tissue paper for sea weed...what other materials can we think of to use? What else might we put inside our fishbowl? How can we make scales for our fish? What do fish need in their habitat to survive and be happy?
Draw the outline of a fishbowl on blue construction paper.
Draw and cut out one or several fish, of any size. You can also draw and cut out different sea animals such as a hermit crab, an eel...whatever your imagination desires!
Using a glue stick or glue bottle, adhere the scrap materials to the bottom or sides of the fishbowl, creating your little fishy's home!
Glue on your fish, create their scales, and glue on their googly eyes. You can use crumpled tissue paper for scales, or color scales in with markers. Set your master piece aside to dry. Maybe think of names for your fishes, talk more about sea creatures or repeat the project and create another fishbowl!