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Animal Art, Music, and Movement Fun

Let's learn about animals and their habitats! Science, math, reading, and art come together wonderfully in these fun activities!
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Art is invaluable to a child’s developmental stages, and is also a sensory learning experience that can develop critical thinking and academic skills. The most effective learning happens when a child does something related to the topic they are learning about. This activity will involve first reading through a book or book(s) about animals (such as butterflies or sea animals), and then taking part in an art, movement, or music activity connected to the book(s). These activities will give an experience of science, math, and reading comprehension in action! Colors mixing, materials attaching and adhering, cause & effect, spatial relations, reading appreciation, properties of materials, patterning, and rhythm!


Animal fact books – can be provided by Kid Expert if none are in the home.

(For art)
Coffee filters
Black markers
Watercolor paints
Scotch tape

(For movement)
A plug in for an iPhone/iPod or CD player

(For music)
Blank paper and markers


As parents, it's important to make sure that activities are age appropriate and that allergies or medical conditions are communicated as you see fit.

Sometimes, a materials or other additional fee is charged. We do this to bring you the best possible activities. It's the Kid Expert's job to confirm any such fee in advance.

Sample Activities and Instructions

Whether we are embarking on an art, music, or movement activity, we start by selecting and reading through an animal or insect book of choice. We will talk about the features, characteristics, and habitats of the animals a child is interested in.
Art: Using coffee filters and watercolor paint, we will create animal sun catchers! First, select a few animal creatures of interest from our book(s). These animals and their habitats will be discussed throughout the art project. The coffee filters and watercolor paint, images of the selected animals will be traced over the paint (watercolor paint takes only a few minutes to dry), then the animals will be cut out and hung up on a window. Your child can step back and feel proud as they see the sun shine through the beautiful watercolors, and tell others the facts they’ve learned about each animal!
Movement: While having fun moving creatively, we can also learn more about the behavior and characteristics of animals. Your Kid Expert will have your child select several animals from their book (i.e., a shark, panther, kangaroo, and eagle). After warming up and getting body and mind engaged, he/she will be guided to “stretch and reach like a panther waking up from a cat nap”, “jump up and down and all around like a happy kangaroo”, “Spread your wings and soar smoothly through the space like an eagle”, etc.
Music/Song: After reading about different animals in our book, we will select one animal to sing about. We will sing, “If I were” which is sung to the tune of “All Around the Mulberry Bush”(‘If I were a kangaroo, a kangaroo, a kangaroo, Oh, if I were a kangaroo, I’d jump around the zoo’…). We will repeat this with several other animals. Then, your Kid Expert will guide your child in creating their own song about an animal using the facts they’ve learned.