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Turn babysitting time into science experiments, arts & crafts time, or a musical exploration. Kid Experts infuse their skills and talents into regular babysitting sessions and cover all your childcare needs (nap time, snacks, school pick up and more).

After School Pick Up
After School Pickup

It's not just an afternoon — it's an opportunity! Book a Kid Expert to pick up your little one from school and enrich their afternoon with dance, karate, or homework help. Read more about after school pick up on our blog.

Date Night
Date Night

Everyone deserves a great night. Your child can explore the arts or a new language while you enjoy a night out! Meal prep and bed time routine included.


Nurture your child's talents and interests with a sports or theater sitter. Your kiddo can go on a park adventure, practice sports skills or enjoy theater games while you hit the gym or run some errands.

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We Curate Community

Kid Experts are at the heart of our community. They are the talented and skilled professionals who create the unique experiences that inspire.



We seek out talented professionals experienced at working with children



We offer free access to background checks and important verifications



We provide ongoing education for our community of Kid Experts

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Add Kid Experts to your team based on their educational background, creative skill set, and unique activities so you’ll always have someone available to cover your needs.

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As a member, connect, message, and send booking requests to one or multiple Kid Experts. The first one to accept gets the job.

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After your session, you’ll receive an invoice to review and pay securely over the site.

Arts & Education-Based Babysitter Service in New York

Historically, finding an awesome, available babysitter for your kiddo is tough. Having to rely on word of mouth or huge, unvetted websites to then have to tackle the world of reference or background checks to then risk the possibility of your sitter moving on and starting all over again is rough – I mean what’s a mama gotta’ do to go out on a date night, people?

Take a breath and join our community. Curated Care tackles the work of a nanny service, a babysitter agency, word of mouth from a friend, and a social media parent board with a modern platform filled with vetted, creative, and inspiring “Kid Experts” available to book in a click when you need them.

We’ve done the heavy lifting by scouting out artists, teachers, tutors and more to cover all your babysitting needs. We’ve interviewed, background checked, reference checked and verified every provider on the site. Our goal is to assist fams in their own vetting & matching and also allow fams to choose providers not just based on their qualifications but additional, inspiring criteria, like who can provide the most educational, most creative, most fun experience for your children.

How does it work? Create your family profile to ensure you connect with awesome child care providers who meet your family’s needs. Next browse provider profiles and build your team of “Kid Experts”. We provide all the tools for fams to find, book and pay Kid Experts directly for every possible need: after school pick up, date nights, travel sitters, in-home lessons, tutoring, party options and more.

When you book a session, simply enter the date, time and session type you are seeking. Click on all your fab team members to send your request out to a range of awesome Kid Experts at once. The first one to accept will take the job. Book on demand or secure an on-going schedule.

And put away the cash (not that you ever have any on hand anyway). You’ll receive an invoice over the platform from your Kid Expert after your session. Pay over your phone or computer or allow the site to autopay – it’s easy and secure.

Personalized Childcare On-Demand

Every child is unique. Maybe your kiddo loves football and bracelet-making, or cooking and karate. Maybe you’ve got a science-obsessed kiddo who also likes princess play and musical theater. Perhaps you have a newborn or infant at home who needs sensory play or a cool, big kid who needs to explore creative outlets.

Curated Care let’s you connect with fully-vetted Kid Experts that aim not only to provide the safe, secure, quality childcare every parent expects, but also the personalization that your children deserve.

In addition to providing a premium babysitter service, Curated Care connects families with Kid Experts who offer at-home classes, lessons, birthday party entertainment and more. No matter what your child is interested in, or alternately, what subjects they’re struggling with, Kid Experts are on hand to nurture their talents and make learning fun and exploring accessible.

Your children are one-of-a-kind, and you need a babysitter service that’s just as unique. Curated Care’s community of poets, painters, Broadway actors, rappers, Montessori teachers, Rhodes Scholars, Alvin Ailey dancers, and Juilliard grads has you covered.

As a mom or dad, you understand the value of a truly exceptional experience for yourself and that’s what you want for your kids. When you build your personalized team of talented Kid Experts through Curated Care, both you and your children will enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary form of childcare. And it’s only a click away.


Curated Care is a gamechanger. I can really say that "Kid Expert" is the most accurate depiction of what these people are. They are not regular sitters, they are accomplished, engaging, educational "experts" who inspire your kids!

Angela K, Community Member