Find Kid Experts who turn sitter time into fun activities for kids and toddlers.

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Turn babysitting time into a guitar lesson, cooking project, or science experiment. Kid Experts bring their skills and unique activities into your home and integrate them into a regular babysitting session.

After School Pickup
After School Pickup

It's not just an afternoon — it's an opportunity! Book a Kid Expert to pick up your little one from school and enrich their afternoon with dance, karate, or homework help.

Date Night
Date Night

Everyone deserves a great night. Your child can explore the arts or a new language while you enjoy a night out! Meal prep and bed time routine included.


Nurture your child's talents and interests with a theater or sports sitter. Your kiddo can explore costume-making or basketball while you hit the gym or run some errands.

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Turn babysitter time into music classes.
Turn babysitter time into language lessons.
Find kid and toddler Math and Science Lessons.
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Find fun kid and toddler activities. By artists, teachers, and expert sitters.

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Kid Experts are at the heart of our community. They are the talented and skilled professionals who create the unique experiences that inspire.



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